The Meadow Gold Commitment To Community

Living Aloha

Community Partners

For over 120 years, Meadow Gold has remained committed to placing the wellbeing of Hawaii’s families and communities at the center of everything we do. We believe in providing educational opportunities for keiki, encouraging an active and nutritious lifestyle, sponsoring the development of gathering places for island families and providing resources for those experiencing food insecurity.

UH Athletics

Since 2012, Meadow Gold has fueled the student athletes at UH Manoa with the nutrition they need to compete at the highest level.

Honolulu Zoo

In 1947, the Honolulu Zoo was at risk of shuttering its operations until Dairymen’s Association stepped in to donate animals that renewed interest in the park. For over 25 years, Lani Moo has resided at the Honolulu Zoo where she is featured as the Ambassador of Health at the Keiki

Children’s Museum

An annual donor for over 20 years, Meadow Gold continues to support and share in the mission and vision of the Children’s Discover Center- to help children develop positive self- concept and an understanding of others in Hawaii’s multicultural community and to offer them a window to the world beyond


Meadow Gold has been a proud sponsor of the local Hawai’i chapter of American Youth Soccer Organization for over 30 years. Through our contributions to uniforms and providing the official beverage of AYSO Hawai’i, we remain committed to the health and wellbeing of Hawaii’s keiki.